About Us

The Association for Sustainable Tourism GoodPlace is passionately committed to a green society and green relationships. We are your green energy.

Use the green energy to:

– Breathe with full lungs,

– Release your green creative potential,

– Create modern tourist products,

– Act friendly to travellers, nature and local people.

GoodPlace is a community of good people and good places. It is bound by passion for green tourism and happy life. Don’t we all feel happier when we feel fulfilled?

Our mission is:

– Create green working groups with concrete objectives,

– Develop a responsible society with a high level of social inclusion and co-responsibility,

– Build green tourism products,

– Search for innovative and long-term solutions,

– Directly influence the improvement of tourism in destinations.

We craft and manage projects to raise awareness and educate all stakeholders in tourism, and encourage them to act responsibly towards the environmentculture and society.

We are an expanding Green family, who is always ready to support and inspire you.