By encouraging innovation and creativity Goodplace strives to:

– encourage regular selfreflection in tourism, seeking answers about what needs to be repaired and improved,

– promote planning and creating innovations that might look unattainable at a first, but carry immense potential to push tourism through new milestones.

Since 2004 the Slovenian Tourist Board encourages innovation and creativity in tourism at a national level. This endeavours are strongly supported by New Tourism Institute, a co-founder and partner of GoodPlace, which acts as a field coordinator of all activities related to innovation and creativity in tourism.

The result of green synergies is presented by a series of successful projects in the field of innovative tourism:

Sejalec, the award for Innovation in tourism since 2004

Bank of Tourism Opportunities in Slovenia since 2006

Snovalec, the award for innovative ideas in tourism since 2009

– Many other supportive and joint projects and schemes such as BTPS-challenges, BTPS-coffee project, T-lab (challenges, advice, match-making, job shadowing …), hosting young entrepreneurs from abroad and many other projects.