Project KRASn’KRŠ

Original title: Preservation and valorisation of the natural and cultural heritage and development of sustainable tourism in the cross-boarder carst landscape
Duration: 1 September 2017–29 February 2020

The project’s main goal is to preserve the natural and cultural heritage of the karst landscape. It stems from three common challenges in the program area. (1) Preservation and valorisation of the natural and cultural heritage, which will be achieved with the new KRASn’KRŠ sustainable destination, where we will follow the principles of sustainable tourism to promote four typical karst landscape types and their heritage: lowland, contact, alpine, and maritime karst. (2) Adjusting the tourist offer to the needs of modern visitors will be tied to four existing protected subjects of karst heritage in Sežana, the Škocjan Caves, Brod na Kolpi, and Punat, which will be upgraded into heritage interpretation centres and heritage interpretation poligone. The destination’s tourist offer will be established with 15 cross-border sustainable tourist products, which have been designed for different visitor groups in accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism. (3) Connecting the small and fragmented tourist offer to also direct visitors to the visit-worthy hinterland will be achieved by directing visitors to less known karts hot spots of rural heritage in the hinterland. The role of GoodPlace in the project is to develop tourism products connecting the offer and identified hot spots with interpretation centres and poligones.