When planning and managing sustainable tourism, real/right data is always the first aid.

At GoodPlace, green data are grouped into:

  • The assessment of potential and / or already implemented activities of sustainable tourism on the level of the destination or business
  • The analysis of the reduction of the negative impacts on the environment, culture and society at the implementation of the sustainable tourism
  • The analysis of the economic and social development of local communities and green jobs,
  • The perspective of preserving the natural and cultural heritage,
  • The assessment of the potential green supply chains,
  • The analysis of guest satisfaction and satisfaction of tourism workers
  • The analysis of the relationship/attitude of the locals towards tourism

Green tourism strives to buy local and we also encourage tourists to do so. It provides the sources of income to the local environment, brings work to the domestic population and pleasure. Happy people, living at the destination are the biggest magnet.