GoodPlace provides a complete support system to destinations and tourism providers, including all the processes necessary to successfully develop a winning cycling tourism product.

The most important procedures include:

  • Accurate cycling trails examination, crucial for our success,
  • Geographical placement
  • Trails supplying with all vital tourism-related services.

Until recently, cycling tourism in Slovenia was mainly tied to the general promotion of cycling activities. However, the sustainable development of green tourism products brought a new perspective and the realization that we need to make attainable promises to our future cycling guests.

In terms of mountain cycling, this involves:

  • Official legislation adaptations,
  • Establishing an comprehensive framework for regulating relations between land owners and trail maintenance services
  • Establishing a network of trails with suitable infrastructure
  • Trails marking
  • Supporting the creation of integrated tourism products with a network of specialized tourism providers.

GoodPlace cycling projects and events:

  • Long distance trails, such as Adriabike and Trans Slovenia, which lead cyclists from the Alps to the sea, boasted excellent results. The newly established trails also had a major impact on the foreign markets, positioning Slovenia as one of the most popular destinations for mountain cycling on the German market,
  • Cycling event Soča Outdoor Festival, which is a developmental and promotional platform for the Soča valley, entire Slovenia and Alpe-Adria region.