At GoodPlace, we believe that sustainable tourism provides security and vision in the world of fast changes and complex relationships. Therefore, it is the only right way to development. Support each other in the local environment and ensure/take care of the wellbeing of the wider community. Do you already have your green strategy, green standards or green supply chain? We are pleased/happy to develop the solutions for you. With good cooperation, the input reimburses multiple times!

It is kind to all: 

  • To the user, the operators and the destination
  • To nature, culture and the people.

In many places, it has become a canon/general law that conquered the minds and emotions of:

  • Innovative tourism service providers, 
  • Governmental and non-governmental policy developers,
  • Destination managers. 

It has firmly rooted in the tourism industry and irreversibly marked the leisure tourism, travel and hospitality.

The biggest/largest GoodPlace’s development project is the Green Scheme of Slovenian tourism in cooperation with the Slovenian Tourism Board. 

For the first time in the history of Slovenia, we evaluated the destinations and providers according to international standards (GSTR, ETIS) and awarded them with the Slovenia Green sign/title. The first golden sign has won the capital city of Ljubljana, the European Green Capital 2016.