Development of tourism products

There is no green destination without smart tourism products. Today, they offer attractive adventures, which trigger feelings of fulfilment in travellers and enhance the connection with the locals. Nowadays the desire to actively co-create and intensify the involvement on the journey of discovering authentic treasures within the destination is rapidly increasing.

The GoodPlace model of green product development

includes all the necessary requirements and procedures to shape an experience that will bring satisfaction to everybody at the destination – tourism providers, travellers and random visitors.

All the marketing activities are prepared and managed by our partner tourist agency Visit GoodPlace, which catches attention with an alluring offer of active, green and healthy adventures.

The processes we follow during the development phase are:

  • analysis of comparable tourism products and trends locally and worldwide,
  • identification of key target groups with their expectations assessment,
  • definition of key components and main benefits of the integrated tourism product,
  • assessment of tourism product potential in connection with the destination,
  • story-crafting and shaping powerful marketing messages, to position the green tourism product apart from all the rest,
  • integration and alignment of all specific elements of the tourism product within a finalmarket-oriented form,
  • establishment of reliable quality standards of all included services,
  • focus groups testing 
  • marketing and sales channels definition for gaining maximum public exposure
  • increasing selling opportunities with motivational marketing inputs
  • experience interpretation of the green tourism product.

Recent GoodPlace green products and adventures: 

  • Trans Slovenia: a long distance trail for mountain bikers, which generated over 12,000 overnight stays in Slovenia in the year 2015

Partners: Uli Stanciu, Hiking and Biking Slovenia, tourist destinations involved within the trail

  • Bear safari: experience of observing bears, part of the LIFE DINALP BEAR project

Client: The Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana

  • Unesco heritage in Idrija: experiences of the natural, cultural and technical heritage of the former second largest mercury mine in the world.